Top Favorite Online Backup

Reputable & Trusted Partner 85%
Cost & Pricing (Value For Money) 68%
Customer Support & Service 60%
Features & Ease Of Use 55%

*Data compiled from an online backup survey

Seriously, do you guys enjoy reading 10 or more reviews? I know I don’t enjoy reading most of them.

Reading and researching for 10 or more online storage reviews just to pick the right service provider is not a fun thing to do. Spending hours and hours, scrolling up and down in front of the monitor.

Can you imagine that!

That is totally a painful job to do. I’m certain that you’ll have better things to be done.

It’s just too much information to be digested and time to be wasted.

Since I’m using cloud storage myself as well, why not I share out my findings with you guys.

All the online backup providers that make up my list below are selected because of 1) Reputable and trusted provider. 2) Overall cost and pricing. 3) Customer support & service. 4) Features & Ease of use.

More choices do not make your selection better; it can be noises and distractions. I only provide you guys the best in their respective field and also an in depth review for each of them.




Multiple Platform

Justcloud backup software can easily be installed on any Operating software. Be it Microsoft, Mac or Linux. It can adapt and fully operational.Learn More

Full Protection

Using banking and military encryption system, you can be rest assure that your file and secret are well kept in a vault beyond anyone reach but you.Learn More

Value For Money

Justcloud offer an unbeatable price and value for money package. Whether you are a minimum user or heavy user, they had the cheapest price for you!Learn More
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JustCloud In-Depth Review

Incredible pricing & features. Support are average but sufficient. There's 70% discount now!

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2. MyPCBackup


Peace Of Mind

With MyPcBackup instantly backing up your files in the background while you’re working. Never interrupt with PC. You can have a peace of mind feeling protected.Learn More

Ease Of Use

There’s no other backup software that can be as easy as MyPcBackup. Drag and drop & the straight forward userpanel is the one of the easiest I’ve used.Learn More

Upload & Download

Dazzling speed of uploading and downloading speed. It’s not in a blink of an eye but it’s considerably fast compare to others. Speed can be limit & adjusted.Learn More
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MyPcBackup In-Depth Review

Easy 3 steps installation. Drag & drop feature. Instant 35% discount!

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3. LiveDrive


Live Streaming

You can live streaming your audio and video file directly from livedrive webpage without the need to download the file. Instant access to your file with ease.Learn More

Full Flexibility

With livedrive, you can do whatever with your uploaded file directly. Their own developed software has the ability to provide you the flexibility.Learn More

Awesome Features

There’s more than 20 over awesome features provided by livedrive. With all the features being user oriented and extremely useful. Software & result oriented company.Learn More
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LiveDrive In-Depth Review

Lives streaming music & video online. In-house building software.

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4. Carbonite


Reputable Provider

Carbonite is one of the oldest backup provider around. They had earned their reputation and customers through exceptional product.Learn More

Backup OS

One of a kind backup features that no other provider has offer. It can backup your OS and software program with no hassle.Learn More

Global Recognition

Carbonite is one of the most trusted brand when it comes to online backup. Feel securely and confidently with no doubt.Learn More
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Carbonite In-Depth Review

Reputable cloud providers. Backup OS & Software!

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